Funny Road Signs

We all must have come across little packet of funniness in our lives. And when it comes to funny road signs spread all over the countryside, it doesn’t matter whether the sign is placed in a remote little village or on your everyday travel road. But these funny signs definitely make your journey memorable. It can at least liven up your day.

Caution! Sleeping policemen ahead, so be careful when you go from that area and please don’t honk. Honking will disturb the sleep of policemen on duty. 🙂 Hahahaha.

Don’t Even Think of Parking Here!

Scientific facts suggest that if a little of humor is added to no parking signs; it will make 60% people more likely to obey the rules.

Ok, that was just a made up statistics, but it definitely lights up the mood of the people who are parking. Otherwise it is a tedious task of locating a parking spot.

Your Car can be Stolen!

It is always a problem to find an empty parking lot for your car when one goes for shopping or visit someone. Big cities traffic makes it all the more difficult to park your car and especially, when one comes across such funny no parking signs.

The sign can be posted for an annoying mother-in-law too. Might be she can leave your house for your good. 🙂

Some people have a great sense of humor.

No Parking Please!

When it comes to the world’s main difficulty, finding parking is right there in the top list. How is one supposed to find a parking spot? It has always been a problem to find an empty space for parking in big cities, particularly when one comes across funny and amusing no parking signs.

Unfortunately, cure hasn’t been found out especially for the jerks like these hilarious no parking signs wherever they please.

Caution! Funny Signs Ahead

Road Signs are positioned at the side of the roads to notify drivers of what roads to take ahead. There are signs along the length of the road that can make one laugh quietly. Finding such signs that are hilarious always ease out the travel.
Caution Funny Signs Ahead Sign is bizarre, amusing and visually arresting sign which takes the attention of the driver.

Lane Closed To Ease Congestion!

When someone is in a foreign land, they expect the road sign to be simple and understandable. The sign is quite illogical, you just have to laugh it out. Just thinking, how closing of one lane can ease down the traffic of over crowded roads.
Closing a lane and forcing everyone into one lane doesn’t really ease congestion, does it? It is the most ludicrous road signs ever seen.

No Dogs Allowed, You Got That!

Just in case you are still unclear of the concept! You cannot absolutely, never ever get your dogs to play here. Cats on the other hand are just fine.

The sign creates a safe haven for cats who can now stretch out, enjoy the weather without having to worry about dogs (even little ones) chasing them.

It seems that the cat can read the sign.

Road Signs That Are Hilarious, Obviously.

Road signs are something everyone is well aware of and we genuinely believe that they will make sense and will be useful. But this caution sign is stating the obvious.

There is going to be water everywhere when it rains, which is unusual, right? The sign maker clearly believes that people at times miss out the big picture, hence the warning.

Flooding and slippery roads are not an immediate concern, by the way. Also, it seems like the rains are  a permanent feature in the place, although it is sunny when the picture was taken. But you never can say anything about the weather for sure, can you?

Danger Keep Out!

Danger explosive personality keep out funny sign advise people to keep away when your counterpart is in short-tempered mood. It can be posted outside an infuriated boss’s cabin too. It can be a warning to the employees, Enter with Caution. It is a concern to individuals about contamination of explosives in the personality.

This unusual sign is not planned to impose a governing law but to grasp the attention of the reader. This silly sign will showcase a sense of humor and break through the sound and noise of other public messaging.

The Stop Sign!

The stop sign law is present in almost every state as a fundamental law. It is natural that people should negotiate at stop sign intersections by slowing; checking for traffic and one should be prepared to yield to others.

But what should one do when a sign says STOP, No Right Turn, No Left Turn, No going forward and No leaping backward also.

How to follow street etiquettes and safety when the sign even says that one has taken a wrong turn and now no way to go back either. Should one violate the stop sign law which can be dangerous too?

Excluding risk on such a road, do tell which way to get back so that one reaches their home safely. Isn’t it funny?

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